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San Ysidro Border Rally Canceled, Questions About Sponsor Remain Unanswered

By Doug Porter / San Diego Free Press An event billed as a ‘Rally at the Border,’ previously scheduled for Saturday, March 25 has been canceled. I’m not sure ‘canceled’ is the right word. “Collapsed’ might be a better description. I’m hoping the sixteen hundred people who RSVP’d for the rally don’t waste their time […]

Ghillie Dhu

A Tale of Ghillie Dhu, Part 2

  by: sloanranger Part 2 And as the fog, it left his head, no longer, Gil… Ghillie Dhu, instead. “But why are we here, in a cage – there’s nothing worse to bring me rage.” But not one spoke – as soon the sound of something loud… trod on the ground. “It’s Sasquat,” Faun did […]

A Tale of Ghillie Dhu

A Tale of Ghillie Dhu: The Scottish Forest Elf

“Enemies of Ghillie Dhu, be careful how ye trod – A fiery rage does lay beneath that green and gentle sod.” by sloanranger “Gillis, wait!” The young woman threw the tea towel over her shoulder and leaned down to the small, tearful boy: “Hisht, now, be a good lad while I talk to ye’re, Da.” […]

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