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Manuel Cadava Collection

Manuel Cavada: Photographer, Chicano, Veteran

Eye On The Locals: When you think of the South Bay and the borderlands of Tijuana, do you think “the Latino artist corridor of the world”? You should. Between the galleries and artist studios starting from Barrio Logan and going south to the Pasajaes along Avenida Revolucion, you’ll find cutting edge, mostly Latino artists creating pieces that strike emotional […]


Prelude (continued)

(Continued from yesterday) By Sloanranger Part 4 After the meal they sat around the fire as always and talked. “My brother will walk to their camp, tonight,” Slyfesta said. “With permission of the boy as head of the family, Merival will sleep just outside their encampment.” Vadoma nodded slowly. It was only courtesy to have […]

Otay Dam


By Sloanranger Part 1 “Oh, Mama, you always say that,” the young girl said. “And why not, my little chey? It’s true, you do have the sight.” The girl and her mother laid their two baited lines in the water and were securing the ends to young saplings near the rushing stream. “Make sure you tie […]

San Ysidro Port of Entry

North of the Fence: South Bay Loses Reporter, Border Takes Spotlight Again

A big blow for the South Bay this week. Reporter Christine Huard of the San Diego Union Tribune was laid off this week. Huard covered all  of the South Bay school districts, often uncovering scandals such as the fact that San Ysidro has paid millions, but not yet received their solar panels from Manzana Energy, a company whose […]

New San Ysidro Library

Alvarez Announces New San Ysidro Library Design

[Editor’s Note: This just out from the City of San Diego. The residents of San Ysidro have been waiting more than two decades for a new library. Here is the announcement that it’s happening.] For Immediate Release February 16, 2017 What: New San Ysidro Library Design Unveiling Ceremony Who: Councilmember David Alvarez; Misty Jones, Director, […]

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