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The hottest mode of transportation nowadays is biking and the 24-mile Bayshore Bikeway that winds through Chula Vista is all the rage.

As a matter of fact, in 2013 Chula Vista was designated a Bronze-Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists.

I found no less than 6 bike shops in the South Bay. Two of them  you should visit as though you were a tourist and stay for a while.

The Three Chains

If you’re looking for something close to your home with lots of options, these three large chains should do the trick:

Bicycle Warehouse: (3513 Main Street, Chula Vista)

Performance Bicycle: (3901 Bonita Road, Bonita) A chain based out of North Carolina with about 150-stores nationwide, this store is in an old building constructed to look like a mission, but it was originally a winery. Next door, you can get some great coffee in one of the few non-chain cafes in the county.

Trek Bicycle Superstore: (901 Lane Avenue, Chula Vista) This store just invested in a customized computer machine where you get on a bike and it sizes you perfectly. It’s called Guru.

Three Mom-and-Pop Bike Shops

Chula Vista Bicycles: (895 Palomar St., Suite E, Chula Vista) located across the street from the historic Salt Works. They also have another location in North Park.

South Bay Bicycles: (250 Third Avenue, Chula Vista) Owned by Steve who has been in business for 40 years. He originally started in National City on the corner of 12th & Highland, but his shop has existed along historic Third Avenue for the last 5 years. He moved here from New York City. He’s got a whole rack of 1970s and early 1980s vintage bikes. Go inside and ask him for a tour. In particular, ask him about the Frank Peckham. Make sure also to stop outside his shop to admire the biking mural he commissioned.

Hub & Spoke Cycleworks: (1545 Tidelands Ave. Suite E, National City) They’ve only been open 2 months and they are the only currently existing bike shop in National City. They build bikes from scratch. They also host bike movies, co-op benches for you to work on your own bike and more. They consider themselves a community organization and get this — they manufacture their own vintage bikes.

They’ve got a new kind of vision of biking and business. Check out Brian Powell, the artists and bike painter, here:

Also, don’t forget the Olympic Training Center hosts BMX Olympians who you can watch race. The center also has a museum of BMX greats and classes for kids taught by the venerable Tyler Brown.

The Bayshore Bikeway

SANDAG also has a virtual tour of the Bayshore Bikeway, which eventually will extend 24 miles around San Diego Bay, a large portion of that in the South Bay.

As of August 2015, SANDAG said:

The Bayshore Bikeway will eventually extend 24 miles around San Diego Bay. Approximately 15 miles have been built to date, and plans are underway to construct the entire bikeway as a bike path separated from street traffic. The next phase of construction is anticipated to begin in 2016, and will close the gap between the bike path at Pier 32 in National City and the existing bike path south of 32nd Street in San Diego. The Barrio Logan segment of the bikeway, which goes north from 32nd Street to Park Boulevard, is entering the design phase. 

Take the virtual tour.

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