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Tijuana River Valley Murals

One Perfect Day In The Tijuana River Valley

Staycations are becoming all the rage and a staycation in the South Bay can ‘pop,’ especially if you’re considering the Tijuana River Valley. Off-the-beaten-track, full of ranches, you can feel as though you’re a million miles from civilization, and yet you’re a stone’s throw away from downtown San Diego. The area is not overrun by tourists, but there’s plenty to […]

Otay River Valley Ponds

Dapple Me

by sloanranger I want the sun to dapple me, in a quiet wood, through the leaves of ancient trees time alone’s withstood. I want to drink in streams again, of water clean and pure, from lakes and brooks and hollowed nooks — glens and glades obscure. To play upon my hair, my face, Warm my […]

Spirit of Imperial Beach

Surfboard Museum

Imperial Beach, the most Southwesterly city of the United States, has a long standing tradition of being a ‘surf haven.’ So much so that even the current Mayor, Serge Dedina, is a surfer. He has been catching waves in IB since he was a child and  he still regularly goes out early mornings with his […]

Imperial Beach Pier

Imperial Beach Fishing Pier

The Imperial Beach Fishing Pier is an iconic attraction in the South Bay. During the summer you can meet a bevy of fishermen and a stroll during winter might mean meeting up with pelicans over 3 feet tall. According to Julie Walke, author of Imperial Beach: A Pictorial History, the Imperial Beach pier is 1,853 feet long […]

Tijuana Sloughs

The Tijuana Sloughs

  One Perfect Day In Imperial Beach Everyday is a perfect day in Imperial Beach. The mayor, Serge Dedina, is a surfer and community activist who hopes to turn the inland streets of the city into golden steps, but you can already take an incredible stroll along Seacoast Drive. IB is the South Bay’s resort […]

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