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Community Garden

Community Garden in the Tijuana River Valley Breaks Ground on Expansion

[Editor’s Note: You may remember my article about our South Bay Community Garden. Good news! They just broke ground to expand. I’m posting the full press release here to inform the public.] Ann Baldridge / Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County The Tijuana River Valley Community Garden – the county’s largest community garden […]

Maria Stacey, Community Justice Coordinator

Let’s Make Peace: NCRC Does It One Neighbor At A Time

Why can’t we all just get along? For the times that we can’t, there’s a fascinating local San Diego organization called the National Conflict Resolution Center. I stumbled upon NCRC while attending a first reading of Raul Castillo’s Border Crossing play. NCRC was looking into collaborating with artists; in particular, the dramatic play would stop during certain […]

The McCoys

Mike McCoy

Eye on the Locals: In the micro-world of our communities, many people dedicate their lives to bettering our neighborhoods and end up bettering the world. Mike McCoy of Imperial Beach is heralded as the individual who helped save the largest coastal wetland in Southern California. Here is his story: Who is Mike McCoy? Mike McCoy grew up in Boulder, Colorado […]

Serge Dedina

Serge Dedina’s Wild Sea: Eco-Wars and Surf Stories

Book Review: Serge Dedina’s Wild Sea: Eco-Wars and Surf Stories from the Coast of the Californias The South Bay is a cultural oasis for artists and activists, particularly due to its proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border. The border conjures up images of cultural clashes, barriers and even, if you take some truth from the fictional TV series THE BRIDGE, […]

South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant (SBIWTP)

The South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant (SBIWTP)

What’s the most well-known problem that effects the U.S.-Mexico border between Tijuana and San Diego? I can tell you in one word: SEWAGE In 1887 Hart & Stern created the city of Tia Juana, which existed on both sides of the border at approximately the location of the San Ysidro Port of Entry. In 1891, […]

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