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Otay Water District

Otay Water District General Manager

In 1983 Mark Watton ran for the Otay Water Authority Board of Directors. At the time, his friend and neighbor, Steve Peace, planned to make a run for State Assembly. The Otay plant design had been problematic and the amount of money that the previous directors had put into the plant made tax rates go […]

Deported Veterans

Deported Veterans: Hector Barajas Tells His Story of Service, Deportation

Hector Barajas-Varele is a banished veteran who comes to the Mexican side of Friendship Park every week. Here, he spends time with acquaintances and friends at Boundary Monument #258. He often wears his old army uniform. Hector’s Story Hector lived in the United States from the time he was seven years old. He grew up in Compton, […]

Casa Familiar

Andrea Skorepa, The Queen of San Ysidro

Eye On The Locals: Andrea Skorepa, Executive Director of the non-profit organization Casa Familiar, has been advocating for local San Ysidrans for the last thirty-five years. She manages a team of thirty-four employees who use holistic approaches to serve the predominantly hispanic community. They’ve worked on constructing family housing for first time sale and they’ve developed low income housing […]

Labeled Border Doors

Border Tours, The American Side

I have written about Enrique Davalos’ Maquiladoras Tours that takes place along the Mexican side of the border. I have also been wandering along the Mexican side with my friend, photographer Maria Teresa Fernandez, to find our lost boundary monuments, including 255 and 258. For the American side, Edgeline Productions Border Tours is hosted by Mike Harris, a retired Border Patrol who provides what some may […]

Lady Janice Martinelli

Lady Janice Martinelli

Eye On The Locals: While Mike McCoy saved the largest coastal wetland in Southern California, Janice Martinelli reduced crime by 29% in National City when she bought and turned the Heritage Square buildings into a nationally acclaimed historic site. I interviewed Lady Janice, a charming visionary, who explained, with a touch of laughter, Lady Janice Martinelli’s Victorian Heritage Lady Martinelli  is half-Cherokee, half-East […]

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