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Chula Vista Arts Program May Get Cut!

All Chula Vista Arts Could Be Eliminated Tuesday

Third Avenue Chula VistaACTION ALERT – Chula Vista Arts at Stake

On May 23rd, the Chula Vista City manager proposed a BALANCED budget that did not propose any cuts to Cultural Arts or Fire staffing with $1, 975, 080 proposed for Fire Vehicles and 1.2 million proposed for Fire Equipment. However, the revised budget proposes to cut the position of Cultural Arts Program Manager.

The cutting of the Cultural Arts Program Manager position in the City of Chula Vista will result in detrimental impacts to projects and programs citywide. These programs include vibrant performances, exhibits, parades, festivals, and meaningful artistic experiences for young people and life-long learners.

Partner/Funded organizations:
CYT, La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego Youth Symphony, High Tech High Chula Vista, Arc San Diego, Bonita Vista High, Chula Vista High School, Old Globe, Museum of Contemporary Art, Friends of the Chula Vista Library, South Bay Community Services , Chula Vista Elementary School District, On-Stage Playhouse, California Ballet, Boys and Girls Club of Chula Vista, Chula Vista Rotary, Arts for Learning, Fern Street Circus/San Diego Puppetry, Parade Band Foundation, SouthBay Front Artists, Chula Vista Art Guild, Chula Vista Ballet, in addition to many individual artists (this past year alone!)

Your attendance at the Council meeting is very important. Make your voice heard! Join us on Tuesday, June 6th at 5pm.

Make Your Voice Heard

Please contact members of the City of Chula Vista Council today with the following message:

Dear Councilmember (Name):

I/We am writing to thank you for your ongoing support of arts and culture in Chula Vista. I/We respectively request that you not cut the position of Cultural Arts Program Manager as such a cut would have detrimental impact to the residents of Chula Vista. I/We ask that you adopt the City Manager’s proposed balanced budget and work with the City administration on a phased approach to reach the goals of more firefighters without negatively impacting Chula Vista cultural arts programs. Thank you.

Council member emails.

About the San Diego Regional Arts & Culture Coalition (SDRACC)

The San Diego Regional Arts & Culture Coalition was founded in 1989 as a collaborative membership entity of arts & culture organizations in San Diego County.

Its mission and purpose are:
* To lobby and advocate for appropriate funding levels for arts & culture to support new and ongoing projects throughout San Diego County
* To lobby, advocate and promote the awareness and importance of arts & culture throughout San Diego
* To serve as an information resource entity to benefit all arts & culture institutions in San Diego County


One Response to Chula Vista Arts Program May Get Cut!

  1. sloanranger June 4, 2017 at 1:46 AM #

    It is sad that council members equate only Police & Fire with public safety when in fact as a community,public safety encompasses so much more. The well being of any community begins with its members feeling included and valued.
    Services such as accessibility to Public education, free Libraries with their books, computers, films and many programs, Recreation Centers with athletic and exercise programs, and yes, our cultural events such as art and music.
    These contribute to a higher level of education of its citizenry which in turn cultivates a sense of community – a feeling of ‘this is MY community.’
    Such inclusiveness fosters safety in ways almost unimaginable and beyond the scope of the CVPD, and though I’m a big fan – of the Fire Department, too.

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