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The Chula Vista Bayfront

This week, it’s all about the Chula Vista Bayfront. This is where the Mayor of Chula Vista has taken a kayak ride through the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge. You can go boating, fishing, kayaking or picnic. You can find several modern art sculptures or talk to artists who live on their boats. Plus a famous ship, The Bill of Rights, is docked here. What I like about the Chula Vista Bayfront best is that it looks like any other popular tourist bayfront in Southern California, except that it’s not very crowded — yet.

What You Can Find At The Chula Vista Bayfront

Bayside Park has been around since 1982 and has six acres of recreational park area.

There’s also two marinas: the Chula Vista Marina and California Yacht Marina, each having more than 1,000 boat slips.

Fishermen can drop their hooks from the public fishing pier.

You can visit the Bill of Rights schooner.

Two restaurants, one upscale and the other casual, overlook the water.

A Mariner’s Lounge hosts talks and displays photography and paintings from local artists who often live on these boats:

Chula Vista Bayfront

Walking along these areas, you’ll find sculptures like these:

Chula Vista BayfrontChula Vista BayfrontChula Vista Bayfront

To Remember Me

by Ross Barrable

January 17, 2001

In tribute to Ron McElliott who believed in the potential of the South Bay, envisioned a thriving waterfront, and provided leadership in laying the foundation for its on going development.

In loving memory, his family prays that the sound of the winds lift your heart and reach those memories that touch your soul.

The World Class Marina

But hold onto your hats and — locals! — get involved. The Port of San Diego plans to construct a world class marina in this area. Developers have bought the land and plans are underway to turn this quiet reprieve into a booming waterfront town.

The Chula Vista Bayfront will presumably become a place where residents can live, work and play at the water.

Here’s what the Overview of the CV Bayfront Master Plan tells us:

The San Diego Port Authority will use 97 acres for open space buffers and areas for habitat replacement opportunities. There will also be an 18-acre signature park with connecting walking trails, overlooks, and picnic areas; 120,000 square feet of commercial recreation development; a 750-room environmentally themed hotel; and the relocation of the Chula Vista Nature Center’s parking lot.

The developer, Pacifica Companies, proposes to use 35 acres of mixed uses, including a 1,500 mid-rise and high-rise residential units; 15,000 square feet of ground floor retail; 420,000 square feet of mixed-use commercial and office space; and a 250-room hotel.

Approved and welcomed by Chula Vista residents as well as the City Council, The Unified Port of San Diego continues to hold public meetings to discuss the on-going strive toward growth and development.

Locals, you can go to these meetings and have an impact on the future of the Bayfront.

Chula Vista Bayfront

Still to come this week:

  • Harbor Fest
  • The Bill of Rights Schooner
  • South Bayfront Artists
  • The Galley Restaurant

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