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Manna BBQ: Korean Cuisine

Convoy Street’s Asian restaurant row has come to Chula Vista

Manna BBQ in Chula Vista serves — yes, it’s true! — Kobe Prime Short Ribs cooked up on a grill right on your table.

It’s Friday night excitement for the kids. It’s Convoy Street come to the South Bay. It’s quintessential comfort food for anyone who has lived in California long enough to understand the intricacies of Asian cuisines — Thai spring rolls, Japanese sushi, Vietnamese Pho and Korean pickled vegetables.

With Manna BBQ you get a little bit more: Yes, that’s right — it’s all you can eat. If that’s not enough, all their beef is prime black angus and you can choose to grill up:

  • the famous bulgogi (marinated beef with korean style bbq sauce),
  • prime short rib fillet,
  • rib-eye, or
  • brisket.

Each grilling-based meat comes with several small dishes of exotic vegetables, including kimchi, potato salad, bean sprouts, pickled turnips, rice paper rolls and many more. You can also order three different soups: scorched rice soup, (my favorite) steamed egg and a soybean paste stew, which comes to your table bubbling.

Manna BBQ also has other selections for those with an adventurous palette: beef tongue, veal small intestine, fresh baby octopus and pork bellies. For dessert, they tout macaroons with ice cream.

The owners established their first restaurant in 2011 on Convoy street. Their success allowed owners Mr. Kim and Mr. Yeo branch out to other locations. Back in 2013, the Union Tribune discovered their eatery and noted the fabulous technology that comes with cooking your own food at a restaurant. Turns out, the grill at the center of the individual granite-topped tables has the smoke vented below-ground, so that there are no plumes and bellows of smoke in the dining room.

But please don’t go to ‘pig out’ here. Not only is this restaurant classy, but it looks like they may have experienced a little heart ache from their all-you-can eat offerings in the past. The menu explains: “In effort to keep prices competitive, we request all guest to abide by the following policies. All you can eat is limited to two hours. All you can eat does not apply to take-out orders. Prime rib eye steak meat will be served up to 6 oz. per person.” The waiters will also tell you, if you order meat and then can’t finish what’s served, they’ll charge you for the uneaten meat.

The upshot: act like a mensch and you’ll get your fill of gourmet Korean cuisine at a great price.

Address: 724 Otay Lakes Road, Chula Vista


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