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The City Inside Mt. Shasta

I am fascinated with the myriad of religious and spiritual beliefs in California. Having lived in Italy for three years, I learned that during Roman times, the number of deities worshipped were as many as there were living people. More than two thousand years later, California has as many religious and spiritual groups as there are cities.

The state has the largest population of Catholics in America and it is also where the first Christian Pentecostal sects were established. Its reputation as ‘Cultifornia‘ comes from the varietals of Jim Jones-type groups. Then, there are the communities and individuals who blend religious texts with scientific technology and science fiction. These groups, from UFO meditators to the Isis Oasis Temple, beg such questions as: Have spiritual trends in California influenced technological progress? Have they pushed the ‘major’ religions into being more tolerant or perhaps more flashy? Have their ideas influenced mainstream beliefs or have they been ignored? More importantly, spiritual sects often have beliefs so different from our own, do we become more heatedly intolerant than when we drive on the freeway alongside the hundreds of different cultural groups within the state?

Today, I want to report on one spiritual movement I found while visiting Mt. Shasta. Take the trek with me and together we’ll keep in mind the quote found at the Bunny Flat trailhead:

“All paths lead nowhere, so it is important to choose a path that has heart.” Carlos Casteneda

Mt. Shasta is a dormant volcano that towers to a height of 14,162 feet. It is part of the Cascade Mountain Range and the “Pacific Ring of Fire”. Mt. Shasta also happens to attract many people in search of religious and spiritual experiences. For example, in 1987 about 5,000 people came here to meditate for peace at a Harmonic Convergence. And then there is Aurelia Louise Jones who has pioneered the belief that an entire city, named Telos, resides inside Mt. Shasta.

Born in Canada, Aurelia Louise Jones explains that she moved to Mt. Shasta and received a hand delivered message from Adama asking her to prepare for a mission with the Lemurians. She went on to channel the Lemurian message in three volumes of books. Here, summarized, is what she explains in her Telos & Mount Shasta: The Lemurian Connection.

The City of Telos

Few people know that there is a vast 5th dimensional city called Telos deep within the earth beneath Mt. Shasta. The city was built by Lemurians who survived the destruction of the Lemurian continent 12,000 years ago. Telos is also part of the Agartha Network that has approximately 120 subterranean and inner earth cities. Adama is the High Priest of Telos and spokesperson for the city. In particular, he wants to help human beings create peace and harmony on earth.

The Creation Story

Telos has its own creation story, according to Jones. Millennia ago, star seeds arrived from the land of Mu in the Dahl Universe. They dropped into the Pacific Ocean and created Lemuria. The first Lemurians magically manifested all their needs and desires and lived in a paradise of peace and harmony. But then, warfare began. Lemurian scientists began reckless experimentation and through their priesthood, they were informed that within 15,000 years they would be destroyed. Knowing this, the Lemurians built a city beneath Mt. Shasta in order to protect and preserve their records and sacred treasures. In particular, they built a large domed cavern inside the mountain that intended to accommodate 200,000 people. When the continent sank, Telos indeed was successfully preserved.

Telos is now a highly advanced 5th dimensional, multilevel city with a population of approximately one and a half million people. Lemurians look similar to human beings although they are taller and eternally youthful.They have mastered the ability to teleport, communicate telepathically, and consciously create their realities. Telos is also a communication hub connecting many other planets in this galaxy and their space port inside the mountain accommodates regular visitors from the Confederation of Planets.

Aurelia Lousie Jones’ books can be found at the Mt. Shasta Visitors Bureau. And Telos? Well, you’ll have to search for the city yourself.


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