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Cow-A-Bunga Ice Cream in Imperial Beach

Cow A Bunga, Imperial BeachIce Cream may not be the “thing” to eat in the rest of the country, but in Imperial Beach winter is the best time to enjoy the delight. Cow-A-Bunga, located right at the IB Pier, is a grab-and-go establishment where you can pick up a cone and then meander along the beach.

Fewer tourists are around during this time of year and as the noon temperatures inch upwards of 70 degrees, their shaved ice, smoothie, frappuccinos or traditional ice cream on a cone makes for a leisurely Saturday. An espresso or coffee pairs well for a pick-me-up.

While words may describe Cow-A-Bunga’s ice cream delights, you can feast your eyes on these photos to get a better sense of what you’ll taste buds will experience:


Address: 10 Evergreen Ave, Imperial Beach

Here’s the menu:


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