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Family House of Pancakes, Chula VistaRestaurant Review: The Family House Of Pancakes has the thickest menu I’ve ever seen. Truth be told, it reads more like a novel. Their breakfast menu alone is several pages long, but breakfast is also what they’re known for (plus, great affordable prices), so it’s worth a read. They do serve lunch and dinner, so for those of you who don’t want to wait in long lines, later hours might be more your pace.

If you come early, you’ll enjoy American comfort food at it’s best. And good news: they serve breakfast all day long. They’ve got Grandma’s Buckwheat Pancakes and pigs in a blanket. Then there’s the sweet potato pancakes and the pancake sandwich (three buttermilk pancakes topped with an egg.)

There’s an entire section for the Mexican Breakfast that includes Housemade Pork Chorizo, Machaca and Tortas. My husband tried the Baja (2 eggs topped with Spanish Sauce on a Corn Tortilla, served with refried beans and tortillas. $9.75 and it was large & filling.)


Warm tortillas and salsa came on the side.

They’ve also got 7 different styles of Egg Benedict. I tried the Southern Style Eggs Benedict: Housemade biscuit topped with a sausage patty, poached eggs and sausage country gravy served with choice of potatoes, fruit or grilled tomatoes.


They have eight different scrambles from Italian to Acapulco, steak & eggs, Mexican breakfasts, omlettes, egg platters like the lumberjack, a bevy of crepes and blintzes, a whole page devoted to waffles and another page devoted to pancakes.

I can keep going. They even have senior lunch and dinner specials for about $8-10 per plate.

They have Mexican dishes, seafood delights and a list of incredible wraps. Salads abound, including freshly made Albacore Tuna salad and Tostada salad. There are a huge list of burgers and, of course, housemade chili. Then, there’s the housemade Italian Dishes include Chicken Parmagiana and Beef Lasagna.

After you order, settle in and read the Family House of Pancake Story. I’ll let them tell it, as written on the menu:

Jim and Madeline Spezzano were simple people from humble Italian ancestry.

Dad had three dreams when he was young: “To marry his next door neighbor sweetheart, move to California and to go into business for himself.”

Mom had three dreams also: “Have a family, stay close to home near her family, and live happily after in rural New Jersey.”

After serving as an Army Ranger in WWII, Dad went back to New York and married Madeline in 1946. He got a job and went to school at night to earn his accounting degree.

By 1954, they had two children (Linda & Jim). In 1958, Dad was ready to leave the Big City and go West to accomplish his dreams. Reluctantly, Mom agreed.

Dad found a job at Rohr Aircraft in some place called Chula Vista. They found a home near a lemon orchard and settled in, but the old fortune bug kept biting and finally in 1964 Dad was able to talk Mom into letting him do his thing.

He knew nothing of running a business (let alone a restaurant). His cooking expertise was limited to making pancakes late at night while we watched TV.

But they found a building for rent on Broadway and on July 31, 1964 opened their doors for business. Dad never saw the business really do well.

He died in 1967 of a massive heart attack. Mom was forced to take over. She had the least experience of all being a little stay-at-home Mom, but necessity and the desire to make a living for her and her children became paramount.

She struggled and in 1972, both of us (Jim became the Manager and Linda a waitress) stuck by Mom to make the business work. Mom died in 2003, but her and our father’s legacy and belief that CONSISTENCY and a GOOD PRODUCT GENEROUSLY GIVEN live on today.

They also believed that treating our employees and our customers like they were in our home make the difference.

Join us as we celebrate the dream that Jim and Madeline began so many years ago.


Address: They have two great locations.
562 Broadway, Chula Vista (619) 425-5133
1900 E. Plaza Blvd, National City (619) 477-3197


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  1. Gil October 8, 2015 at 10:48 PM #

    Glad that the father’s dream came through via his children. Nice story, made me hungry!

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