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Go On Wi’ Ya

by sloanranger

Canadian Tar sand firesGo on wi’ ya’ – wi’ yer fires and yer tar sands – wi’ yer crude and pipelines and yer oil spills.

Wi’ My gas, My oil and My coal – and you, you with your fracking and all your other dirty deeds – did you think that I, the Earth, would never run out of patience?

You’ve poked holes into my skin, sucked the life’s blood from me, stolen and murdered my trees. You’ve destroyed my mountains, dammed my canyons and rivers running free, dirtied my acquifers and ground waters – my pure and clear streams.

And with your foul deeds – your greed – you’ve choked the air and the sky, burnt or cut the very forests and green things I gave to make the air you breathe.

And the other creatures – from the smallest virus to my majestic elephants and whales…have you no sense? Is it come down to that…you simply… have no sense?

You were my pet, mankind – I’ve given you so very much leeway…I had such hopes you see, for humanity. But surely you understand, you Must understand – I have to do what is best for most of my inhabitants, for my land. You’re killing everything that stands, that moves, walks or crawls – even yourselves – in numbers too numerous for you to count, now.

And my ocean – my vast, beautiful, blue, Life-giving ocean – from whence all else comes – you have not the capacity to fathom the depths of my sorrow.

But you know…I know you know, for I created you as well – I, your Mother Earth… and Spirit, your Father. Make haste, my children, while ye have time…

HE is nae as patient as I.

2 Responses to Go On Wi’ Ya

  1. glynhockey May 20, 2016 at 2:37 PM #

    This is fair warning, we should listen.

  2. sloanranger May 31, 2016 at 5:32 AM #

    Thank you, Glyn, I got into kind of ‘last straw mood’ with those Canadian fires ;))

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