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Mendocino Art Center

Mendocino County boasts having the largest artist population in California. Art galleries and stores including delights like Reflections Kaleidoscopes are everywhere. By far the most impressive artistic haven is the Mendocino Art Center.

Founded by California artist William Zacha in 1959, the center  today hosts more than two hundred workshops and contributes approximately 1.8 million dollars to the local economy each year. The property consists of many studios, including for jewelry and weaving. There’s even a kiln outside.

Today, instead writing about the center, I’d like to tell a brief story. A charming college professor of mine once said that he went with his granddaughter to an art gallery.

Looking at a painting, he asked her: “What do you say about this?”

His granddaughter replied, “Grandpa, you’re not suppose to say anything, you’re suppose to see. Shshsh.”

With that, I give you a visual tour of the Mendocino Art Center above.

Address: 45200 Little Lake St, Mendocino, CA 95460


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