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National City’s Mexican Cuisine

National City’s Mexican Cuisine is reasonable and THE BEST in the county.

Within a small strip along Highland Avenue, border culture comes alive. This is where American chain stores jut up against the small local Mexican business. Drive to the Walmart or 7-11 and then continue on to a Mexican food market or stop at a reasonably priced taco shop. You’ll find it all right along a small strip called Highland Avenue.

While Mexican restaurants (like Italian) are everywhere, Highland Avenue is THE strip for Mexican cuisine.

Here are the highlights:

Mi Tierra is located where Herman Baca’s print shop used to be. Now you can get Menudo, Birra de Chivo and super tacos here. The restaurant is also owned by the same family that owns Mi Tierra in San Ysidro of a previous restaurant review.

Next to this restaurant is Gorditas Don Andres.

A little further along is Roberto’s Taco Shop, which has an extra bonus: it’s open 24 hours a day.

Then there’s Tacos El Gordo, which has another taco shop in Tijuana.

Karina’s Mexican Seafood Cuisine

Don Vincente Menuderia (Are you a fan of this soup? Every culture has its version of tripe recipes. This is one of them.)

Senor Pancho Fresh Mexican Grill

Tortas Don Vincente


Cotija’s Mexican Grill & Seafood, established in 1974. They  invented the shrimp burrito and also sell spicy carrots.

Which should you try?

My recommendation: ALL OF THEM.

Rodeo's Market in National City

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