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North of the Fence: Your Weekly Summary Of The South Bay, San Diego

North of the FenceAn undercover narcotics investigation took a bad turn on Tuesday, June 14th at about 2pm when a federal agent was threatened and fired on a suspect, who was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead.
After the shooting, two suspects sped away in a car, but crashed the vehicle a short distance away and were apprehended. A fourth suspect was found hiding inside a vehicle trunk. (Imperial Beach Patch)

During the ordeal, residents were told to take shelter-in-place and keep their doors locked. Many took to the Internet to get live coverage and others took to social media. In particular, many expressed concern at the open warehouse space located at San Miguel Ranch that continues to be an eye-sore and a creator of economic hardship for the mom-and-pop businesses surrounding it.

An Albertson’s store used to sell groceries in the building. When they went out of business, Joe Little at News 10 reported in 2015 that the space still hadn’t been leased to a new business. Joe Little said Vons owns Albertson’s and doesn’t want another grocery store to compete. As a consequence, the other mom-and-pop businesses aren’t happy that their businesses are located right by the empty eyesore. Last year, Councilman John McCann started an on-line petition for residents, but the space still remains empty.

After the shooting, residents again went onto the Facebook group, Revive Shops at San Miguel Ranch, asking why a federal agent would be conducting a drug bust in this area. San Miguel Ranch is surrounded by housing and there is also a school, Thurgood Marshall. Children are everywhere around this area. Residents wondered if this would have happened at all had the empty warehouse already been occupied by a grocery store.

Otay Mesa Is Just Building, Building Away

Otay Mesa is an predominantly industrial area with warehouses jutted up against the U.S.-Mexico border. Besides large corporations, Donovan State Prison, the Otay Detention Facility and Auto Wreckers are located in this area. Besides that, there’s land — and lots of it.

Developers see Otay Mesa as an area that could help with the regional housing shortage. Business groups, however, believe the industrial-rich area can bring good paying jobs to the South Bay.

This week, Voice of San Diego’s Maya Srikrishnan covered the industry vs. residential development debate.

Mar Vista Students Attended Donald Trump Rally

The Imperial Beach News reported that several students attended the Donald Trump rally on May 27th. One student, Garrett Conder, said he went because he wanted to show people he did not agree with Trump’s message. While at the rally, he boo’ed when other people cheered and then suddenly found himself being escorted out by security. Read his full report here.

Unprecedented Number of Asylum Seekers at the Border

Sandra Dibble at the Union Tribune reports that a large number of asylum seekers from Haiti, Ghana, Pakistan and Mexico have been seeking entry int the U.S. these past few weeks. Tijuana’s shelters are overflowing. Read the story here.

Enrique Morones from Border Angels will be holding a press conference over the weekend. He sent out the following press release:

For Immediate Release:

Survivors, mutilated by “La Bestia,” advocate on behalf of 5 Honduran men detained at Otay Mesa over fathers day weekend

Four Honduran men from the Association for Returned Migrants with Disabilities (AMIREDIS in Spanish) are in San Diego this week to advocate on behalf of 5 Honduran asylum seekers detained at Otay Mesa and to raise awareness of the horrific humanitarian conditions and human rights abuses facing Central American migrants and refugees seeking safe haven in the United States.

While much of the campaign-trail rhetoric has focused on Mexican immigrants and border enforcement, immigration from Mexico is actually at a 40-year low.  Meanwhile, the flow of Central American migrants and refugees fleeing violence, political repression, and extreme poverty continues to increase.  The number of unaccompanied children has not yet reached the crisis proportions of 2014. But, apprehensions of Central Americans on the US-Mexico border have doubled from last year, and they continue to face prolonged detention, expedited deportation, and little chance of receiving asylum or immigration status. 

Increased immigration enforcement in Mexico, funded by our tax dollars, and the opening of new transit routes have made this population less visible. But the experience of physical abuse, rape, extortion, and the terror of the train remains an implacable reality of the journey to the United States.

The men from AMIREDIS – José Alfredo, Jose Naín, Freddy, and José Luis – speak from first-hand experience of the horrors that migrants face on their journey through Mexico.  In Honduras alone, AMIREDIS has documented 700 people who have been mutilated by the train and 340 who have been killed, just in the last 5 years. Compassion and fairness for fellow migrants from Central America.

More and better organized humanitarian aid for displaced people in the region. Immigration reform that creates better options for those who cannot stay in their home countries
   Investment and job creation in the region, so that people are not compelled to leave

In addition to AMIREDIS, speakers will include Enrique Morones, Border Angels
Border Angels
2258 Island Avenue
San Diego

Chula Vista Makes a Call Out for Volunteer Commissioners

The City of Chula Vista made a call out for volunteer commissioners this week also. The news release said:

The City of Chula Vista is currently accepting applications for volunteer positions on Boards & Commissions. To be eligible, applicants must be at least 18 years old and registered to vote in Chula Vista elections.

One or more of the following Boards & Commissions will have vacancies effective July 1, 2016: Board of Appeals and Advisors; Board of Ethics; Commission on Aging; Cultural Arts Commission; Housing Advisory Commission; International Friendship Commission; Parks and Recreation Commission; Planning Commission; Safety Commission; Veterans Advisory Commission; and Youth Action Council.
The application, a complete list of available volunteer positions and application deadlines (if applicable) are available online at, or at the City Clerk’s office, 276 Fourth Avenue. Office hours for the City Clerk’s office is MondayThursday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to noon.
For more information about Chula Vista Boards & Commissions, please contact Leah Larrarte in the City Clerk’s office at, or call (619) 6915041.

Short News Bites

  • Kimball Skate Park opened in National City and to celebrate, professional skater, Chris Lambert visited. (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Planed Parenthood on Broadway in Chula Vista expanded to serve the growing health care needs of the community. (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • On Monday morning, a woman walking on the I-5 in National city was struck and killed. The victim was walking in the northbound freeway lanes north of West 8th Street. (Imperial Beach Patch)
  • The Chula Vista Woman’s Club, a historic building erected in 1928, is in a dilapidated state. Owned by the City, it was contracted to fix the building, but renovations are now upwards of $1 million and nothing has been done. (San Diego Reader)

Don’t Miss the Schwingfest at the Swiss Club

Yep, that’s right, the Swiss Club in Chula Vista will hold its annual Schwingfest on Saturday, June 11th. Schwingen beings at 11am. Here’s all the information you need.

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  1. terry p June 17, 2016 at 3:46 PM #

    lots of big empty buildings in CV, nothing being done about it. the Albertsons, the Fresh and Easys, the Kmarts, many others. Help!

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