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Lower Otay Dam

Otay DamIf you haven’t gone out to see the museum exhibit, The Great Flood of 1916, at the Chula Vista Public Library — it’s an exceptional way to learn about our South Bay region. There’s all sorts of tidbits about our droughts, floods and City Council shenanigans from days-of-old. NBC San Diego did a great story on the Centennial Exhibit.

Although you won’t find any artifacts from the Otay Dam that broke on January 1916, if you go to the dam today, you’ll still find rusted pieces lying all around around the valley. I’ve written about the reservoir and the fishing in this quiet area located next to the Olympic Training Center. To boot, I was able to go on a field trip, led by the South Bay Historical Society to take a look at the old pieces of the dam. The pictures say it all. The hiking & biking here is great, but a chance to see the dam (which is usually closed) is breathtaking:



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