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Upper Otay Dam

Hiking at the Upper Otay Reservoir and Dam in Chula Vista

The South Bay is up-and-coming when it comes to hiking. The trails are less traveled, so you’ll often have the scenery all to yourself. A favorite new walk exists in eastern Chula Vista that passes the Otay Upper Dam. You may remember my posts about the Lower Otay Dam, which broke in 1916 and caused massive flooding […]

Spirit of Imperial Beach

South Bay Compass and NOFT Go On Hiatus

Thank you for reading South Bay Compass and my weekly news round up “North of the Fence.” In order to bring you high quality publications, I’m going on summer hiatus and plan to be back sometime before Labor Day! South Bay Compass was created in order to offer the 450,000 residents living in our border […]

Chula Vista Women's Club

Chula Vista Arts Program May Get Cut!

URGENT ACTION ALERT – ACTION NEEDED All Chula Vista Arts Could Be Eliminated Tuesday ACTION ALERT – Chula Vista Arts at Stake On May 23rd, the Chula Vista City manager proposed a BALANCED budget that did not propose any cuts to Cultural Arts or Fire staffing with $1, 975, 080 proposed for Fire Vehicles and […]



by sloanranger Does anyone remember Howdy Doody? Howdy was a puppet on early TV. And us kids, we sat there in the Peanut Gallery – at home, or in the studio – and watched, watched Clarabelle the Clown running up and down the aisles squirting Buffalo Bob with his seltzer bottle. They were the only […]


Otay River Valley

The rains came down hard in February. The South Bay saw a kind of watery region not often seen, since we are accustomed to a drought environment. On March 4th I took a hike along the Otay River Watershed, enjoying the Upper and Lower Otay Dam. Unusually, the new trail connecting Proctor Valley was flooded. The […]

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