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San Ysidro Port of Entry

Parents Apprehended, ICE Denies the Claim

[UPDATE 5/27/2017: Protestors gathered at 2pm on Friday, May 26th at Otay Mesa Detention Center. Several media outlets covered the protests and uncovered additional information. According to two reports, the Duarte parents were apprehended near their home, not near a National City school. In addition, 10 News reported: “Duarte says undercover federal immigration agents, in unmarked […]



by sloanranger Does anyone remember Howdy Doody? Howdy was a puppet on early TV. And us kids, we sat there in the Peanut Gallery – at home, or in the studio – and watched, watched Clarabelle the Clown running up and down the aisles squirting Buffalo Bob with his seltzer bottle. They were the only […]

Third Avenue Chula Vista

Chula Vista City Manager To Present Budget to City Council

[Editor’s Note: This just out from the City of Chula Vista, for those of us who want to know about the city’s finances.] CHULA VISTA CITY MANAGER TO PRESENT DRAFT FISCAL YEAR 2017-2018 BUDGET TO CITY COUNCIL Balanced budget includes $60.6 million in Measure P funding Chula Vista City Manager Gary Halbert will present the draft Fiscal […]

Sexual Assaults

Protests at Southwestern College against Sexual Assaults

A special report to North of the Fence “No student should be afraid to get an education because of a campus that turns away indifferently from their request to stop sexual assaulters.” (Quoted from the student list of demands protesting normalization of sexual assault on SWC campus.) By Barbara Zaragoza Students held a protest against sexual […]

San Ysidro Port of Entry

North of the Fence: South Bay Loses and Icon

Susan Luzzaro passed away on May 1, 2017, after a year-long battle with brain cancer. She was 68. She was also an extremely important voice in the South Bay. A gifted writer, she taught at Southwestern College and penned many features in the San Diego Reader dating as far back as 1999. Several tributes have been written about […]

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