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Sequoia Grove

Sequoia Grove

At Tuolumne Grove Trailhead in Yosemite the massive trees are the largest living organisms on the planet, known as the giant sequoia. While slightly shorter than its cousin, the redwood, and younger than the bristlecone pine, the giant sequoia is by far the heaviest (6,100 tons) and largest living thing, past or present, on Earth. The Native Americans […]

Bubble Gum Alley

One Perfect Day in San Luis Obispo

Impact Travel: I recently visited the quaint downtown of San Luis Obispo, which is one of California’s oldest communities. I was happily surprised to spot many delights. Bubble Gum Alley might have been an exception. Yech, as far as I’m concerned, but visitors seem to draw towards this kitchy alley or down a ways to the Madonna […]

Eagle Flag Mural

Around The World In An LA Prius: Part III

Do Angelenos really get along? With hundreds of cultural groups living and working together, you decide. From my own personal research, I doubt it’s all been kumbay-aa. El Pueblo: Los Angeles is Established By the order of King Carlos III of Spain, on September 4, 1781, twenty-two adults and twenty-two children established a pueblo in what would […]

Around The World In A LA Prius: Part II

Is it possible to blend into LA? It takes a lot of driving, so many natives don’t even enter the cornucopia of LA districts during their lifetime. And when you visit, how do you know you’re in a specifically ethnic area? How are they defined? By churches, food or museums? Little Armenia in East LA defines […]

Los Angeles Traffic

My off-beat destination today is: The LA Freeway. I’ve spent quite a bit of time driving on the LA Freeway this week and I’ve decided it’s an important destination for anyone who wants to understand the city. Los Angeles is culturally diverse (more on that in my next post: “Around The World In An LA Prius”). […]

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