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The Red Victorian

Designed to make you feel loved and alive, the Red Victorian along the Haight missed the Summer of Love festivities, but carried on the tradition that remembers the hippie visions of peace.

Artist and entrepreneur, eighty-six, year-old Sami Sunchile came to San Francisco in 1976 after her commune in Hawaii collapsed.  With money in her pocket, she put down the money for a run down Victorian that had first been the Jefferson Hotel in the late 1890’s when the Haight was home to wealthy resort Victorians as well as surrounding farmland.  Another woman, Gig, owned the place at the turn of the century and her pillowed figure still sits in a wicker chair at the top of the stairs.

After decades of trails (literally), building code violations, poor management, and meditative tribulations, Sami now runs a successful B&B with eighteen rooms that are specifically designed by her.  The rooms have names such as ‘Summer of Love” and “The Playground”, her original artwork hanging on the walls here as well as downstairs in the peace café that serves homestyle breakfast.  Every Sunday Sami herself attends to engage in peace conversations.

The café hosts things like “Peace Conversations”.  There’s a listening corner that says: “A focus place for each of us to consider our personal role in life.  Listen to inspiration wisdom played for you here.”  Top 40 from the eighteens drone on, like “I don’t want to loose your love tonight.”  Along the walls, Sami’s Peace sign art.  She explains on a plague that the peace sign is international and she’s created aboriginal Austrlian, San Blas Indian woman of Panama peace signs.  Peace posters sell for 10.00 as well as Peace T-shirts. Free tours of the rooms are given daily from noon – 2pm during the room change over.

Address: 1665 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

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