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San Ysidro Teachers Endorse Antonio Martinez For San Diego City Council

[Editor’s Note: Are you ready for the 2018 elections? Let’s hope so. We need to organize & become aware of those who want to fight for social justice within our communities. This is why I’m running a press release today about Antonio Martinez.

You may remember my video of him:

Now, Antonio, who sits on many boards and is a community advocate, has announced his run for City Council. He would replace David Alvarez who wants to run for County Board of Supervisors.

Stay tune for a lot more on these two representatives.]


April 18, 2017
Contact: Dan Rottenstreich,

Martinez wins first labor endorsement in District 8 race

SAN YSIDRO – The San Ysidro Education Association (SYEA) has endorsed Antonio Martinez for San Diego City Council District 8, Martinez’s campaign announced today.

The teacher’s endorsement marks the first labor endorsement in the race and a significant early boost to School Boardmember Antonio Martinez’s campaign.  SYEA represents classroom teachers and educational staff at the San Ysidro School District.

Guillermina Sandez, President of SYEA said:  “Antonio Martinez turned San Ysidro schools around by rooting out corruption and fighting every day to ensure all children get a quality education.  On the City Council, we know Antonio Martinez has what it takes to fight for our neighborhoods’ fair share from City Hall and be a tireless champion for kids, parents and teachers.”

The endorsement adds to the Martinez campaign’s early momentum.  Martinez officially kicked off his campaign last month with over one hundred endorsements from community leaders and residents.  The teachers’ endorsement also adds to a growing base of support for Martinez in San Ysidro and the education community.  Martinez’s endorsement list can be viewed here.

Antonio Martinez responded:  “A proud product of public schools, I am honored to earn the support of our classroom teachers.  On the School Board, I’ve fought alongside parents and teachers to change a broken system failing our kids and help all our students reach their full potential.  On the City Council, I’ll keep fighting for our community – for our neighborhoods’ fair share from City Hall, stronger after-school programs and more community policing to keep our kids and families safe.”

For more information visit and follow Antonio on Twitter and Facebook.

Antonio Martinez serves on the San Ysidro School Board where his accomplishments include strengthening support for at-risk kids, rebuilding district finances and restoring public trust in the school district.  Winning a seat on the school board at the age of 27, Antonio made history as the highest vote-getter in San Ysidro history.  Antonio works as a healthcare advocate at the Imperial Beach Community Clinic and serves on the San Diego Police Department Hiring Advisory Board and the San Ysidro Planning Group.  Born and raised in San Ysidro, Antonio attended local public schools and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

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