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Sea Cadet Training Throughout July!

South Bayfront Sailing Association

This upcoming week, Sea Cadets from all over the US will be camping on the BILL OF RIGHTS for an Amateur Radio School. They’ll be graduating as General Class radio operators by the end of the week and will have had a grand adventure here in the South Bay.

On July 16th we will welcome a second of 20 Sea Cadets for a week of Sail Training. They will learn and perform all the duties to sail the BILL OF RIGHTS to Catalina and return. This will be an intensive week long tall ship adventure. The 1st group will return home on the 23rd and the BILL will welcome a second group for a repeat Sail Training week long adventure.

From the course description: “This training is for the bravest of the brave, 20 Sea Cadets for adventure at sea aboard a 136-foot schooner.

In this training, you will: Learn to crew a tall ship and live like the Navy men of 200 years ago did. Long hours, no showers. Much better food, though.

Circumnavigate Catalina Island and swim in the Pacific Ocean in July. Stand watch and learn to conn a tall ship by the sun and the stars. Climb the rigging to the crosstrees (weather and sea state permitting). Watch the dolphins come and pace the ship (usually) as a pod of whales check you out (sometimes). Shore liberty at the Isthmus of Catalina. Come back home with sea stories your shipmates will envy, all of which are true.”

The final group of cadets will arrive to for a two-week Boat Building camp. They will learn wooden boat building and maintenance skills, and actually build a small rowing/sailing skiff.

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South Bayfront Sailing Association



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