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Historic San Ysidro

Boundary Monument 255

If you have a Saturday to take a long walk, this self-guided historic San Ysidro walking tour provides for a pleasant day exploring the agricultural utopian community, the border baron times, the U.S.-Mexico border and much more.

Enjoy by starting with a little introduction to San Ysidro.

Little Landers

The Age of the Border Barons

Civic Center & Chicano Rights

The Civic and Recreating Center was constructed in 1925 on land donated by Frank Beyer. The building lacks an architectural style and ornamentation.  This is where Cesar Chavez would eventually give his speeches. Outside in the playground, Bobby Kennedy visited.

Historic San Ysidro Boulevard

The Port Of Entry

  • Boundary Monument #255
  • The Trolley
  • The Train Station
  • The Wall and Dedication To Officer of CBP
  • U.S. Customs House
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