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Serenity Garden, Imperial Beach

Right next to the Fleet Reserve Assocation, you’ll find a Serenity Garden that’s worth a little more than a glance. The garden was created by IB Beautiful, Inc. and dedicated in January 2003. The plaque describes the place well:

I.B. Serenity Garden

This Serenity Garden, a place of peace and beauty, has been created for CONTEMPLATION AND MEMORY.

Many have gone before us and made our lives possible through their EXAMPLE AND SACRIFICE.

May you rest and find inspiration here amongst drought-tolerant plants ideally suited to the coastal environment and THE PUBLIC ART PIECES.

Educate yourself and our children to be wise caretakers of OUR FRAGILE EARTH. A coalition of people and organizations came together to bring THIS GARDEN TO REALITY.

IB Serenity Garden IB Serenity Garden IB Serenity Garden IB Serenity Garden


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