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SoCAL Dama: The Kendama Shop

SoCalKendamaShop1The SoCAL Dama shop in Bonita is a good ‘ole mom-n-pop business that especially caters to parents who want their kids to go outside and play rather than sit stuff inside playing video games.

The idea came about because the owner’s son started playing it at nine. They were buying it on-line or they would go to a store in Old Town. One day their son said, “Why don’t you open a shop of your own?”

“We opened it because we wanted to have the kids have something other than video games or computers or laptop. Because when we were younger we were always out,” owner Kathy Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey says the toy promotes hand-to-eye-coordination, so it’s actually beneficial for kids to play baseball and basketball. There are eve medical uses.

The shop’s owners are definitely on to something. Kendama is sweeping the country as the latest kid craze and we in the South Bay can jump right on board. It’s very popular among elementary to high school. For fanatics, there’s even a World Cup each year that takes place in Japan.


SoCAL Dama has been so popular since they opened in January 2015 that they were on the CBS 8 News:

Kendama is an old-school Japanese toy that is sweeping through school playgrounds across America.

The hottest toy in America currently is a ball connected to a string on a stick. Although Kendama originated in Japan centuries ago, something old is new again.

“It makes you focus. It helps your hand and eye coordination,” said a Kendama enthusiast.

Kendama is so hot, Walt Jeffrey opened up SoCal Dama, the Kendama Shop, a few months ago in Bonita, and since then sales have doubled.

There are more than 50 styles to choose from, and the fad is also a fashion statement.

The object of Kendama is to perform different tricks to connect the ball to the stick.

It’s the new connection that is making both children and parents smile.

Address: 4238 Bonita Rd, Bonita, CA


Here’s all you need to know about Kendama

And here’s a recap of the Kendama World Cup 2015.


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