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South Bay Compass and NOFT Go On Hiatus

Thank you for reading South Bay Compass and my weekly news round up “North of the Fence.” In order to bring you high quality publications, I’m going on summer hiatus and plan to be back sometime before Labor Day!

South Bay Compass was created in order to offer the 450,000 residents living in our border region a space to find local travel experiences, food and art.

Check out outdoor activities.

Art venues.

Places to eat.

I added history & ‘Eyes on the Locals” because this region was so clearly rich with stories of female bullfighters, tuna boat houses and mythical lore about boundary monuments.

Then, by popular demand, I added a weekly roundup of the news called North of the Fence.

The pace of South Bay Compass has gone very fast. It’s time to re-group, organize and…… drum roll please…. I have some upcoming surprises. However, I need some time to develop new ideas and roll out new projects. Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll check out the many posts about fun and frolic in the South Bay, San Diego!

Happy summer and see you in August!

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