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South Bayfront Sailing Association: Sailing Classes, Wooden Boat Maintenance

The South Bayfront Sailing Association is located at the Chula Vista Bayfront and they provide lots of goodies for us SouthBayers as well as non-locals. First and foremost, they have sailing classes, seminars and come out to festivals to show off their boats.

They’re a non-profit corporation who teach people how to build and maintain wooden boats, plus navigate them. There’s a sailing school and information about maintaining boats. Don Johnson is the founder and president of the Association. He also created and is president of the South Bayfront Artists.

Most importantly, they are a fun group engaged in all sorts of water activities. Check out the Chula Vista Star News article about them from 2013, the year they bought their pride and joy: the schooner, The Bill of Rights:

South Bayfront Sailing AssociationThe Bill of Rights Schooner

The Bill of Rights is a two masted gaff-rigged schooner that was constructed in South Bristol, Maine in 1971. The schooner was built to look like the working boats on the East Coast during the mid-1800s when schooners were used for fishing and cargo. The Bill of Rights is also made entirely of wood.

In 1996, The Bill of Rights sailed through the Panama Canal and has been sailing through Southern California ever since. It is owned by the South Bayfront Sailing Association that now has all sorts of education programs associated with is. You can buy tickets for their cruises.

Check out their history, programs and sailing here.

Address: 604 Marina Parkway, Chula Vista, CA 91910

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One Response to South Bayfront Sailing Association: Sailing Classes, Wooden Boat Maintenance

  1. Gil August 29, 2015 at 3:56 PM #

    Good to see the East Coast mentioned. Wooden boats can be a lot of work.

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