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Southern Beauty

Souther Beauty, Chula Vista, CA

Southern Beauty, Historic Site No. 59

The Historic Home Tour: Do you like driving along roads and stopping to see unique architecture? I do. This one is a gem and you have to spend a little time finding it, but it’s worth the drive (or walk, if you live nearby):

According to Historic Homes Of Chula Vista:

During the Post-War Era, Chula Vista grew rapidly as workers flocked to jobs at the Rohr Aircraft factory that opened on the bayfront in 1941. Most of the homes reflected the era’s demand for economy and expediency, and simple two- and three-bedroom houses with low-pitched roofs quickly filled in the remaining orchards and fields around the early Craftsman and Victorian-style homes.

However, as materials became available after World War II, a handful of more substantial houses appeared, particularly along Hilltop Drive on the city’s eastern edge. This neighborhood continued to grow well into the 1960s as the old deep lots were carved into smaller parcels accessed by narrow side streets or long private driveways.

This house is called Southern Beauty. It is designated Historic Site No. 59.

Address: 415 Hilltop Drive

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2 Responses to Southern Beauty

  1. Gil July 10, 2015 at 7:58 PM #

    Fourteen rooms! I think you’d need more than three kids to do the dusting. I know that there were four of us and my mother used to say that it would be easier to do it herself!

  2. bzzaragoza July 10, 2015 at 11:27 PM #

    Yes, the writers of these historic homes never mentioned who cleaned them, only who lived in them. I guess because the historians were men. LOL!

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