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Chula Vista Bayfront Sculpture

The Power Plant “Scar” Commemorated In Art

Perhaps you’ve already taken my art tour of the South Bay. Photographer Manuel Cavada in National City along with the Lowriders and ARTS: A Reason To Survive. San Ysidro has The Front and IB has William Glen Crooks. There’s the Graffiti Artists at Las Playas and the South Bayfront Artists in Chula Vista. My tour […]

South Bay Alliance

South Bay Alliance: An Interview with Chairman Dae Elliott

Every year since 2004 the South Bay Alliance has held an Art & Music Festival at our very own Chula Vista Bayfront. This year, I was able to interview Dae Elliott, chair/co-founder of South Bay Alliance, ahead of the event and find out more about our South Bay LGBT community. Traditionally and/or stereotypically in San […]

House Chardonnay at The Galley At The Marina

Galley At The Marina: Chula Vista Bayfront Casual Dining

If you’re looking for comfort food after a day of sailing, kayaking, fishing or strolling along the Chula Vista Bayfront, I’d choose to end your day at the Galley At The Marina. The Galley At The Marina They’ve got outside tables overlooking the sailboat slips. They also have a bar, if you are so inclined. […]

Chula Vista Harbor Fest

Harbor Fest and the 1915 Dodge Brothers Antique Car

Every year the Chula Vista Bayfront has its very own Harbor Fest. That’s not to say there aren’t other festivals throughout the year. So far, the South Bayfront Artists have held an art fair, there’s been a Pow Wow and on September 12th the South Bay Alliance will hold its annual event. There’s Always Booze, […]

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