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An unincorporated community, Bonita is bounded by Chula Vista, San Diego and National City. It is also closely associated with the geography of the Lower Sweetwater Valley and is best known for its horse ranches, a golf course and walking trails.

JETS Espresso in Bonita

JETS Espresso Drive Through in Bonita: Specialty Drinks In Your Car

I’ve never seen this before — and I recently discovered it in Bonita: a mom-and-pop cafe, which makes a huge list of speciality drinks and those drinks are delivered right to your car. JETS Espresso has a drive through service. The quaint little hutch is located near the public library, museum and golf course. The owner […]

Ono's Cafe: Island Style Bistro in Bonita, CA

Ono’s Island Style Bistro

Restaurant Review: Everyone needs a little Island-take-me-away once in a while. Ono’s Island Style Bistro provides that reprieve… and a little more. It’s a cosy establishment located in the faraway unincorporated land of Bonita. The best reason to eat in the South Bay is for the culinary innovation. Fusion cuisine is all the rage and […]


SoCAL Dama: The Kendama Shop

The SoCAL Dama shop in Bonita is a good ‘ole mom-n-pop business that especially caters to parents who want their kids to go outside and play rather than sit stuff inside playing video games. The idea came about because the owner’s son started playing it at nine. They were buying it on-line or they would […]

San Diego Beach Rides

One Perfect Day In Bonita

The Kumeyaay used to live on the mesas surrounding what today we call the Sweetwater Valley. They called this area Apusquel and the Spanish called it La Purisma. When in 1868 Frank Kimball bought the land (along with what today is National City), he created a dam and a small reservoir. He referred to the water […]

Hans & Harry's Bakery

Hans & Harry’s Bakery in Bonita

Tucked away in a rustic-looking mall of Bonita, Hans and Harry’s Bakery is a delectable gem for sweet-tooth lovers around the county. Their large array of cakes and baked goods are extremely high quality, which is why people wait in long lines during the weekends to get their share of heaven. Dining Out did a […]

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