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Water Ponds

California Water

I hope you’ve enjoyed my water series this week! Mark Watton and his crew were very gracious to give me such an extensive tour. For those of you who missed it, here is the series: Water For Laypeople The Politics: How Otay Water Is Administered The Technology: The Otay Recycling Facility General Manager Mark Watton: […]

Introduction To California Water

25 Facts About California Water

Most of us learn in our basic World Civilization courses that throughout most of history human beings have had this innovative idea: they have settled next to large bodies of fresh water where they have had direct access to a precious human resource: water. Californians, on the other hand, have not had a similar idea. Instead, large populations have settled in areas that […]

Mt. Shasta

The City Inside Mt. Shasta

I am fascinated with the myriad of religious and spiritual beliefs in California. Having lived in Italy for three years, I learned that during Roman times, the number of deities worshipped were as many as there were living people. More than two thousand years later, California has as many religious and spiritual groups as there […]

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