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A relatively new development in East Chula Vista, this is becoming the Beverly Hills of San Diego. The Olympic Training Center hosts some of the best athletes and trails, fishing and shopping are some of the fun activities growing here. It’s also a minority-majority area with over 70% of the residents of Asian or Hispanic descent.

Otay Dam

Otay Reservoir and Dam

The Otay Lakes County Park is a great place to chill on a weekend. Located near the Chula Vista Olympic Center, it’s a quiet getaway for picnics, hiking, biking, kayaking or boating. Also, the Olympic rowing team trains here during the week. I did a nice biking loop around the lake and also hiked to the dam. […]

Novo Brazil

Novo Brazil Brewing Company

Eastlakers Can Now Stumble Home On Foot! The first craft brewery has opened in Chula Vista!   The first craft beer brewery in Chula Vista, NOVO Brazil, opened on Friday, April 17th. Starting as early as 4 p.m., the parking lot was packed as local Eastlakers rushed inside to try five new beers with a […]

Food Trucks Eastlake

Food Trucks in Eastlake

Restaurant Review: Every Wednesday from 5:30p.m. to 8:30p.m. gourmet food trucks line the parking lot of Eastlake Church. They serve anything from vegetarian dishes using produce straight from Suzie’s Farm or rich and heavy sandwiches that might be inspired by a 1950’s James Dean movie. You never quite know what trucks will show up since they rotate every […]

Otay Water District

Otay Water District General Manager

In 1983 Mark Watton ran for the Otay Water Authority Board of Directors. At the time, his friend and neighbor, Steve Peace, planned to make a run for State Assembly. The Otay plant design had been problematic and the amount of money that the previous directors had put into the plant made tax rates go […]

Lisa's Filipino Cuisine

Pansang’s Filipino Cuisine

Restaurant Review: There’s nothing like great take-out and although Pansang’s Filipino Cuisine has some tables and chairs, this place is best when you’re ordering out for your family or for big parties. Pansang’s Filipino Cuisine has been open for the last eight years in Eastlake. It was first owned by Lisa Rivera, which is why it’s still often known […]

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