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CECUT, Tijuana

9 Experiences You Can’t Miss In The Borderlands

If I were to create a map and redraw lines to better reflect the culture within our region, the map would be a circle that touches Barrio Logan to the North and heads down to Agua Caliente at it’s southernmost tip. The natural boundary of the Pacific Ocean would be to the West and the […]


Riders Ready? Watch The Gate!

Editor’s Note: In 2013 I had a daughter taking lessons at the Olympic Training Center for BMX. At the time, Olympians trained there, including Alise Post — who I interviewed. On August 20th ESPN reported that Alise Post won a Silver Medal at the Rio Olympics. In honor of our South Bay Olympic Training stadium […]

Boundary Monument 257

Boundary Monument #257

The boundary monuments between San Diego and Tijuana are approximately 1 mile apart. They number from 258 to 252. They are open and free for the Mexican citizens to admire, but  military landing mat hides the monuments from American citizens. Since 2008, a second wall approximately three-hundred feet away from the original military landing mat has further […]

Chico's Bakery

Chico’s Bakery

Remember the days when your mother would go to a good panaderia and bring back goodies you could eat for breakfast or all day long? Well, famed Chico’s Bakery still exists down the charming Third Avenue in Chula Vista and locals rave about this place. The owner, Xavier Plascensia, took over the business with his […]

West Auto Wreckers

West Auto Wreckers

Where does your car go when it dies? Legally, it must be disposed of in the correct way. Specialists called auto recyclers or auto wreckers know how to take care of this for you. Their businesses, once known as junkyards, provide us with a service we often take for granted. Although you can find about […]

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