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Imperial Beach is the most southern beach city in the West Coast of the United States and has a population of approximately 26,000. It is 5 miles northwest of downtown Tijuana, Mexico.

Friendship Park

Friendship Park and Boundary Monument 258

Inside Border Field State Park you can find the center of the immigration issue. On the American side, each Saturday and Sunday Friendship Park is open to the public from 10am to 2pm. A gated area heavily monitored by Border Patrol, Friendship Park has a binational garden and thick mesh beyond which you can see Boundary Monument […]

Border Field State Park

Border Field State Park

Border Field State Park feels a little bit like visiting the end of the earth. It also once was a vacation hotspot during the late 1800’s when people came here to enjoy the mild weather, the ocean breeze and a spa-like environment. Then, the area was converted into a naval base and became inaccessible to the […]

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