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Deported Veterans Mural: Upside Down Flags and Veteran Names

I’ve interviewed Hector Barajas, a deported veteran. The graffiti at the U.S.-Mexico border pays homage to deported veterans in three places. You can also watch a movie about how the mural was created: Deported Veterans Mural Project trailer from Lowkey RiderOne on Vimeo.  

Migrant Camp In Tijuana

Crosses At The Border

Crosses are a ubiquitous sight at the Tijuana-San Diego boundary line. They represent the number of people who have died trying to cross into the United States. At the 10th annual Marcha Migrante, an artist set up this cross at Boundary Monument #258.   Crosses featured in other parts of Tijuana along the border as […]

David Bacon's En Los Campos Del Norte

David Bacon’s En Los Campos Del Norte

Temporary Installations often appear on the Mexican side of the border in Las Playas. David Bacon mounted his powerful photographs along the fence in the Spring of 2015.    

Graffiti Artists At Las Playas

Graffiti Artists At Las Playas

So who do you ask if you want to paint the U.S.-Mexico fence? Created by Americans, if you go to the Mexican side you can liberally decorate, paint, color or stencil whatever you wish. Here I found some working artists at Las Playas on the Mexican side:

Las Playas Disappeared Mural

Bubbles At The Border

A while ago, I found this mural in Las Playas. It’s gone now. The installations here come and go, so without photographs the artwork is transient.

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