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Journey from Guadalajara

  By Susan D. Walter Prologue In 1981 I had a Mexican American boyfriend named Martin. He wanted to be a pediatrician and specialize in the care of children of migrant workers, but couldn’t gain entrance into US medical schools. He applied for and was accepted to La Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara’s. I accompanied him […]

(Courtesy of Festival Tijuana Interzona)

San Ysidro Port of Entry not just a line of cars, but an outdoor art museum

Editor’s Note: You may remember my interview with Stefan Falke, noted German photographer who has focused on the U.S.-Mexico Border for many of his themes. Now, Falke has a new exhibit located — appropriately — along the San Ysidro Port of Entry. The exhibit is called La Frontera and I asked Falke to say a few words […]

Baja Dog Rescue

Eyes on the Locals: Rescuing Baja Dogs

By Mimi Pollack Life for dogs in Mexico is not very good, except for the lucky ones who have responsible owners. There are so many street dogs roaming about! These street dogs have a very poor quality of life, and because they are not neutered, the problems continue. However, there are two brothers, Adam and […]

Butterfly At The Border

Butterfly At The Border Fence

Images of birds, insects and people flying are common at Friendship Park. The flight symbolizes how it might be possible to transcend the border fence. Along the Mexican side, artists created this butterfly.

L.A. Cetto

L.A. Cetto

Winery Review: The South Bay, as yet, has no winery of its own. But that’s apparently soon to change! A company has received a permit to open one in Otay Mesa! Stay tun for that, but right now, you’ll have to cross the border and go into Mexico for exceptional South Bay wine. It’s definitely […]

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