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Guadalupe de Valle

The Russians In Mexico

Vestiges still exist of Los Rusos or the Russian immigrants who came to the Guadalupe Valley in 1905. You’ll find a small house, a restaurant and a winery at Familia Samarin about 15 miles north-east of Ensenada. This vanished ethnic enclave once brimmed with a wide street where inhabitants spoke Russian and wheat fields stretched […]

Boundary Monument #251

Boundary Monument #251

The last boundary monument along the San Diego-Tijuana line sits atop a steep craggy mountain. No fence or wall exists. The monument, like most others, is made of iron. The Mexican IBWC is responsible for the upkeep of this monument, however, it looks as though workers are either unable or unwilling to make the trek. […]

Inglesia de Guadalupe, Mexicali

Scenes From Mexicali, Mexico

I visited Mexicali specifically to explore the Chinese immigrants who live in the city. Mexicali as a city had so much more to offer. From the border wall that snaked through the mountains during my trip to the impressive art inside the Inglesia de Guadalupe, here’s a photographic collage of my trip.

A Gringo In Mexico

Interview with A Gringo In Mexico

Hey South Bay! I know at least fifty percent of you have roots in Mexico. Another fifty percent might not, but you very likely venture to Tijuana and Baja for business. You also probably want exotic weened getaways. Well, A Gringo In Mexico has an exquisite website that tells you all the remarkable sights to see in Tijuana and […]

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