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Otay Mesa is a community in the southern section of the city of San Diego, just north of the U.S.–Mexico border. Otay is derived from the Kumeyaay language. Although its meaning is disputed, possible derivations include “otai”, meaning “brushy”; “Tou-ti” meaning “big mountain”; or “etaay” meaning “big”. Mesa is the Spanish word for plateau, table or tableland.

West Auto Wreckers

West Auto Wreckers

Where does your car go when it dies? Legally, it must be disposed of in the correct way. Specialists called auto recyclers or auto wreckers know how to take care of this for you. Their businesses, once known as junkyards, provide us with a service we often take for granted. Although you can find about […]

SDPD Southern Division

Safety Tips from SDPD Southern Division

[Editor’s Note: The Southern Division of the SDPD sent out safety tips. Because residents on the South Bay are often concerned about safety, I’ve decided to print it up in full. The document is comprehensive and informative. Click on the images to enlarge in your browser.]

Otay River Valley Ponds

Otay Valley Regional Park

Hiking or biking in Otay Valley Regional Park is not only exercise, but an activist statement. We want parks for our communities. We want to repair our environment. We want a healthy place for our kids to live and play. Open spaces haven’t always been a priority in the South Bay. Freeway Construction vs. The […]

South Bay Issei Pioneers

South Bay Issei Pioneers

(Updated 04/07/2016, Originally published 10/12/2015) Currently, the Chula Vista Elementary School District is in the process of naming their 46th school in the South Bay. Community members are gathering support to have the school named after a prominent Japanese-American of the South Bay, Saburo Muraoka. He is one of the 5 people featured on “The Made Chula Vista […]

Catalina Rodriguez

The Cemetery Tour: Mt. Olivet

While traveling to distant places, I often visit old cemeteries. While at home, on the other hand, I forget cemeteries exist. I wonder why? The South Bay has three charming cemeteries. When I visited each, they were quite deserted. They also brimmed with little surprises and even with a little history. La Vista Memorial Park […]

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