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South Bay News

North of the Fence: Las Posadas and National City’s Pushback on Vice

Chula Vista’s Seven Mile Casino continued to be in the news this week. Wendy Fry reported that the Card Room tried to open their doors again, citing that they had over 300 employees who were out of work and out of paychecks right before the holiday season. Borderland Beat continued to unravel the web of […]

South Bay News

North Of The Fence: Meth Seizures Up, Violent Attacks and Holiday Cheer

With the horror of the San Bernadino events and PBS reporting that 355 mass shootings took place across the United States in 2015, the South Bay this week also faced its share of disturbing violence and mayhem: KPBS reported that meth seizures are up at the border since 2009. The drug is now being produced […]

San Ysidro Port of Entry

North Of The Fence: Water Rates, Dead Dolphins and More Mexicans Leaving U.S.

Water Rate Hikes This week’s biggest news story had to do with the Otay Water District contending their recycled water rates will go up in order to subsidize water rates in the north. Ry Rivard at the Voice of San Diego delved deeper and the Times of San Diego also weighed in. By Tuesday, November […]

San Ysidro Port of Entry

North Of The Fence: Traffic, Water and Stolen Veteran Commemorations

Traffic South of the 54 Traffic congestion continues to worsen in the South Bay as more people move in, but still commute elsewhere to work. Within the next decade SANDAG hopes to create more bus service, more freeway lanes and even a third border crossing just east of Otay Mesa. Meanwhile, San Diego County owns […]

San Diego Beach Rides

The Tijuana River Valley: An Interview with SD County Supervisor Greg Cox, Part 4

Visit the Tijuana River Valley and the area feels serene. Perhaps it’s even forgotten, with a total population of 42. But attend a community meeting with groups such as the Tijuana River Valley Equestrian Association or WildCoast and you’ll experience the passionate pleas of equestrians, hikers, mountain bikers and conservationists who have a vision for […]

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