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Greg Cox

South Bay Rising: An Interview with San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox, Part 1

Media outlets are still buzzing with the news that GDP growth in the South Bay jumped by 37.6 % between 2010 to 2013. (That’s compared to 12.9 % for the entire County.) Community members within the region, however, might start to feel uneasy. Nobody wants to see unchecked growth, skyrocketing housing prices, increased traffic congestion and […]

San Ysidro Port of Entry

North Of The Fence: South Bay Politics and Events

Does it always have to be about immigration and crime in the South Bay? Immigration and Crime I guess so, but you might be surprised to learn that border cities continue to be among the safest in the country. Imperial Beach was ranked the second safest city in San Diego County. (Poway came in first.) […]

South Bay News

Politics & Events in the South Bay, August 21st to August 28th

What Happened In The South Bay This Week? Sweetwater Valley loses to Texas 9-7 and won’t go to the Little League World Series. Fear not, you can still watch the Chula Vista orange crate races this Saturday that ride at speeds of almost 30 mph. Chula Vista faces a $600 million infrastructure budget deficit. The […]

South Bay News

Politics & Events In The South Bay, August 15th to 21st

What Happened In The South Bay This Week? Sweetwater Valley beat Waipio on Saturday, August 15th. They will now go to the Little League World Series. However, their volunteer coach was fired from his day-job and now rain in South Williamsport, PA may postpone the game. Guadalupe Gonzalez was appointed to the County Board of […]

Lisa Cuestas

South Bay Irrigation District

As the November elections near, today my focus is on South Bay politics. I’ve got my ballot in front of me and there are quite a few boxes I just don’t know how to check. So, for at least one box, I decided to call up a candidate and ask her for an interview. Lisa Cuestas graciously accepted. She is running […]

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