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San Ysidro is a neighborhood of the City of San Diego that lies immediately north of the U.S.-Mexico border. Although it has a population of approximately 30,000, San Ysidro Port of Entry is the largest in the world with over 50 million vehicles passing through each year.

Voice Of San Diego

Cross Border Culture at The Front Art Gallery

When you live in the South Bay, the city of Tijuana appears on the horizon just about wherever you go. If you don’t cross the border daily, then most of your neighbors and friends do. South Bay residents know that Tijuana offers shopping, art, business opportunities, time with family and, of course, good food and […]

One Perfect Day In San Ysidro and the TRV

Self-Guided Tour: One perfect day where? Not Tijuana, which happens to be the second largest city along the west coast of the North American continent.  (The first is Los Angeles.) Tijuana sits directly against San Diego, another metropolis of one million — but no, this isn’t about that city either. Cut between these two worlds is […]

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