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A Distant Howl

There it went again, kind of a distant howl. She’d told Scott about it the last two times he’d left her alone.  Normally, Carrie didn’t mind being alone, even welcomed the solitude that the east Chula Vista countryside afforded. She and Scott had only been married since mid-September, exactly a month after VJ Day.  Though […]

The Guardian of Third Avenue

A Short Story By South Bay Scribe VLSloan The Guardian Of Third Avenue Sometimes I don’t see him for weeks and I wonder where he is. He must cover several miles daily, walking silently up and down Third Avenue, wearing his heavy black peacoat with a hood. I don’t worry about him in the cold […]

Van Cliburn

Shot Down In Philadelphia

A South Bay Scribe The following is a wonderful little short story by South Bay Scribe, Kelley Dupuis, that combines music, talent, failure and his mother in the mix. Kelley Dupuis was born in Vermont in 1955. He grew up in Chula Vista and attended CV High. He was a journalism and history major at […]

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