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The Tijuana River Valley is a rural community in the southern section of San Diego. Its history has not yet been written in book form, but it is well known for horse ranches, Suzie’s Farm and the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park.

Dairy Mart Farms

Dairy Mart Farms

The entire border region on the American side between San Diego County and Tijuana once was full of diary farmers. The Tijuana River Valley was also home to famous horses, such as Trigger and Seabiscuit. The area attracted many celebrities as well. Today, not much of these “heyday days” remains. Dairy Mart Road pays homage […]

Lama in Tijuana River Valley

A Llama In The Tijuana River Valley?

Drive along a curvy two-lane road with no sidewalks in the Tijuana River Valley and you will come upon a lama. That’s right: a llama. The Owners of Southwest Feed Rescue Animals The llama lives behind a secure fence and lives with two donkeys. He also lives with about 20 old pot belly pigs, some dogs and several […]

Suzie's Autumnal Equinox Dinner

Autumnal Equinox Dinner

Every year, Suzie’s Farm holds their autumnal equinox dinner. Two years ago, they brought the best chefs from San Diego County and Tijuana to cook outside and serve family style. Ballast Point served basil infused beer. The butcher for the meat was also in attendance. This year, the meal was no less spectacular. Whisknladle Hospitality came out […]

Suzie's Farm

Suzie’s Farm

The Tijuana River Valley was once filled with farms, but the dairy industry collapsed in the 1980’s and most farmers left. Today, what marks the TRV most prominently is Suzie’s Farm, covering 140 acres of land. The largest farm in the city of San Diego, Suzie’s is named after a beloved dog. Who Is Suzie? Each […]

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