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With 1.6 million residents, Tijuana is a dynamic city with a fascinating artist scene and gourmet food. Although not comprehensive, this section is for those who’d like to dip into this amazing city.


The Virgin of Guadalupe: Tijuana Celebrates on December 12th

December 12th marks the celebration of Saint Guadalupe when millions of Catholics throughout the country go on a pilgrimage to the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City. The day of the Virgen de Guadalupe has been a national holiday in Mexico since 1859. Tijuana, too, has its pilgrimage to the most prominent church of the […]

Raquel Martinez Bullfighter in Tijuana

Raquel Martinez, Female Bullfighter

  She was a petite blond who lived in Imperial Beach and graduated from Mar Vista High in 1967. She was also a bullfighter. Raquel Martinez was 22 when she left her home at 729 Cypress Avenue in 1971 and faced her first bull in the Tijuana Cortijo. She was determined to become the first […]

Baja Cookbook

The Baja Cookbook

Todos Santos magazine launches The Baja Cookbook, featuring recipes by top Baja chefs From the Editor: Check out this Press Release of a new cookbook. I’m a complete fan, so hope you enjoy the event and the book! If you’re a fan of Baja California cuisine, this is really good news for you. Todos Santos, […]

End Of Border Wall

Border Construction May Cause Flooding In Poor Tijuana Neighborhoods

El Nido de Las Aguilas is a neighborhood Tijuana located where the U.S.-Mexico border fence abruptly ends. Residents can go back and forth between the two countries, but the steep mountainous terrain makes crossing pointless, if not foreboding. People live quietly here with a few small convenience stores and public transportation that runs through the […]

San Jose Church

The Church of San Jose

A few decades ago–that is, before the Tortilla Curtain created by President Carter in 1979–the border was a very fluid place where children rode their bikes back and forth through mostly farmland and open spaces. During the 1990’s painter Glen Crooks depicted the hill beyond the Tijuana River Valley with a little church whose steeples […]

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