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With 1.6 million residents, Tijuana is a dynamic city with a fascinating artist scene and gourmet food. Although not comprehensive, this section is for those who’d like to dip into this amazing city.

A Gringo In Mexico

Interview with A Gringo In Mexico

Hey South Bay! I know at least fifty percent of you have roots in Mexico. Another fifty percent might not, but you very likely venture to Tijuana and Baja for business. You also probably want exotic weened getaways. Well, A Gringo In Mexico has an exquisite website that tells you all the remarkable sights to see in Tijuana and […]

Deported Veterans

Deported Veterans: Hector Barajas Tells His Story of Service, Deportation

Hector Barajas-Varele is a banished veteran who comes to the Mexican side of Friendship Park every week. Here, he spends time with acquaintances and friends at Boundary Monument #258. He often wears his old army uniform. Hector’s Story Hector lived in the United States from the time he was seven years old. He grew up in Compton, […]

Border Angels

Border Angels

Border Angels is an organization that advocates for migrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border seeking better lives. Volunteers have placed water in the desert where migrants might collapse from dehydration, they hold tours of the Holtville Cemetery where more than 600 nameless migrants are buried, and they organize awareness events. Enrique Morones founded the non-profit organization in 1986. Since then, he […]


Turista Libre

I’ve already suggested the Border Tour on the American side by Mike Harris and the Maquiladoras Tour by Enrique Davalos. Here’s another small business that offers a wide variety of Tijuana fun: Turista Libre. When I went, owner Derrick Chen was on holiday. Instead, his assistant Alex gave me a private 4-hour tour through the city. […]

Tijuana Mural

Mural Monday

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m kicking off 2015 with street art I found near the fence in Tijuana. I’ve got many new places to see and people to meet this year. Stay tune for places every Wednesday, restaurant reviews every Friday, plus more history, art and interviews of locals. For today, here are four murals I found several blocks from […]

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