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Mexico’s Non-Nuclear Pact

Did you know that Mexico has a non-nuclear pact with Latin American countries that has been in effect since 1967? Last November, Las Playas in Tijuana received a new commemoration that notes this fact. The plaque reads: “Here in Tijuana, the most northwestern municipality of all Latin America, begins the Nuclear Free Zone of Latin […]

Las Playas, Tijuana

Las Playas, Tijuana: La Ciudad Mas Limpia Es La Que Menos Se Ensucia

[Editor’s Note: This was Las Playas, Tijuana on March 2, 2017. I went here to see how the 140 million gallons of Tijuana Sewage dumped into the river & oceans had impacted this area. Indeed, a foul odor wafted throughout the beach, although beach-goers and even some fishermen were undeterred.]

End Of Border Wall

End Of The Wall

The border wall between the U.S. and Mexico is not continuous. In some places there is a “triple fence,” in some places it’s a double fence and in some places it just stops. Border Patrol will tell you that the walls are not effective in stopping people from climbing over — the walls are only […]

Aeration Tanks

Tijuana Sewage Explained

Water, plants, birds, coyotes and sewage. All these things still get shared between the U.S. and Mexico regardless of whether you put up a fence or not. AND when it comes to sewage — It’s boring, it’s stinky and it’s technical, but what happens at the sanitation plant in our neighborhood is also vital for […]

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