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Ever since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed between the United States and Mexicoin 1848, the border region has fascinated locals and foreigners alike. At certain points in its history, the border between San Diego and Tijuana hosted more than 100,000 tourists annually.

Rachel Running

LA FRONTERA: Stefan Falke Talks About Artists Along The U.S.-Mexican Border

Editor’s Note: I am happy to introduce Stefan Falke,a professional photographer who has done fascinating work along the U.S.-Mexican border. He agreed to an interview and to share some of his pictures with SDFP. Thank you Stefan! Q & A with Stefan Falke Stefan Falke works for international magazines, book publishers and film studios. He […]

End Of Border Wall

Border Construction May Cause Flooding In Poor Tijuana Neighborhoods

El Nido de Las Aguilas is a neighborhood Tijuana located where the U.S.-Mexico border fence abruptly ends. Residents can go back and forth between the two countries, but the steep mountainous terrain makes crossing pointless, if not foreboding. People live quietly here with a few small convenience stores and public transportation that runs through the […]

San Jose Church

The Church of San Jose

A few decades ago–that is, before the Tortilla Curtain created by President Carter in 1979–the border was a very fluid place where children rode their bikes back and forth through mostly farmland and open spaces. During the 1990’s painter Glen Crooks depicted the hill beyond the Tijuana River Valley with a little church whose steeples […]

The Double Fence

The Double Fence

Friendship Park resides in the middle of Border Field State Park. To get there, you must drive, or usually walk because the area is prone to flooding with the least bit of rain. From the entrance of the park, you go towards the border where you’ll see not only one, but two walls. The first […]

Military Landing Mat Into Pacific Ocean

Separating The Sea

In 1994 the Clinton Administration used recycled military landing mat across the U.S.-Mexico border from El Paso, TX to Imperial Beach, CA. The wall between the U.S.-Mexico border ended not on land, but several hundred feet into the Pacific Ocean. Many remarked that America was trying to “separate even the sea.” Over time, this fence […]

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