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Ever since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed between the United States and Mexicoin 1848, the border region has fascinated locals and foreigners alike. At certain points in its history, the border between San Diego and Tijuana hosted more than 100,000 tourists annually.

Aeration Tanks

Tijuana Sewage Explained

Water, plants, birds, coyotes and sewage. All these things still get shared between the U.S. and Mexico regardless of whether you put up a fence or not. AND when it comes to sewage — It’s boring, it’s stinky and it’s technical, but what happens at the sanitation plant in our neighborhood is also vital for […]

South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant (SBIWTP)

The South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant (SBIWTP)

What’s the most well-known problem that effects the U.S.-Mexico border between Tijuana and San Diego? I can tell you in one word: SEWAGE In 1887 Hart & Stern created the city of Tia Juana, which existed on both sides of the border at approximately the location of the San Ysidro Port of Entry. In 1891, […]

Boundary Monument #251

Boundary Monument #251

The last boundary monument along the San Diego-Tijuana line sits atop a steep craggy mountain. No fence or wall exists. The monument, like most others, is made of iron. The Mexican IBWC is responsible for the upkeep of this monument, however, it looks as though workers are either unable or unwilling to make the trek. […]

Boundary Monument 252

Boundary Monument #252

Boundary monument #252 stands along the U.S.-Mexico boundary line right after you drive past the many maquiladoras. Interestingly, most maquilas jut right up against the border and photographer Maria Teresa Fernandez and I needed to drive alongside many belching trucks until we found this little gem — surrounded by piles of sandy dirt. Unlike the iron monuments of #257, […]

Deported Veterans

Deported Veterans: Hector Barajas Tells His Story of Service, Deportation

Hector Barajas-Varele is a banished veteran who comes to the Mexican side of Friendship Park every week. Here, he spends time with acquaintances and friends at Boundary Monument #258. He often wears his old army uniform. Hector’s Story Hector lived in the United States from the time he was seven years old. He grew up in Compton, […]

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