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Ever since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed between the United States and Mexicoin 1848, the border region has fascinated locals and foreigners alike. At certain points in its history, the border between San Diego and Tijuana hosted more than 100,000 tourists annually.

254 Boundary Monument

Boundary Monuments #253 and #254

I’m writing about boundary monuments again and this time I’m focusing on #253 and #254. They are both made of iron, the material used for the largest number of boundary markers. They both stand in front of military landing mat. Off to one side of both markers is a door, which is bolted and locked on […]

Border Angels

Border Angels

Border Angels is an organization that advocates for migrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border seeking better lives. Volunteers have placed water in the desert where migrants might collapse from dehydration, they hold tours of the Holtville Cemetery where more than 600 nameless migrants are buried, and they organize awareness events. Enrique Morones founded the non-profit organization in 1986. Since then, he […]

Maquiladoras Tour

Maquiladoras Tour

Each month, Enrique Davalos, a professor at City College, gives a tour along the U.S.-Mexico border of the Tijuana Maquiladoras. A social activist tour, Enrique as well as former employees of the maquilas brings awareness to American consumers about the poor working conditions and environmental exploitation taking place right along our frontera.  What are maquiladoras? Enrique’s tour passes the […]

Boundary Monument 255 Mexico

Boundary Monument #255

Our joint heritage with Mexico begins and ends with the historic landmarks known as boundary monuments. Between Imperial Beach and Otay Mesa, seven boundary monuments stretch along the border. I will be talking about all of them as time goes on, but certainly #255 is the most prominent, located at the San Ysidro border. A Brief […]

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