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Otay Water District

Otay Water District General Manager

In 1983 Mark Watton ran for the Otay Water Authority Board of Directors. At the time, his friend and neighbor, Steve Peace, planned to make a run for State Assembly. The Otay plant design had been problematic and the amount of money that the previous directors had put into the plant made tax rates go […]

Otay District Directors

The Politics Of Otay Water

The politics of water can perhaps be boiled down into two key issues: how to keep water rates low and how to find inexpensive sources of fresh water. Those issues are generally addressed at the administrative and political level. The Otay Water District is the second largest in the County behind the City of San Diego and there are […]

Otay Water District

Otay Water District

Do you know where your water comes from? Do you know where it goes after it runs down your drain? I didn’t either, so in these troubled times when most media outlets are up and arms about the California drought, I went directly to the Otay Water District to find out. The General Manager, Mark Watton, and the Otay […]

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